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Towing & Lifestyle

Tailored Carpet Floor Mats

Superior quality grip backed carpet mats. Black in colour and trimmed with black edging, complete with a bold, yet premium Sportage logo.

Tailored Carpet Floor Mats

Kia genuine tow bars are a robust design, rigorously tested together with the vehicle chassis to exceed Australian Standards. Powder-coated finish provides corrosion resistance and durability for Australia’s harsh conditions.

All Kia genuine tow bars integrate perfectly to the vehicle for a seamless confidence inspiring towing solution, perfect for weekend and holiday adventures. Trailer wiring harness and tow ball included.

Tailored All Weather Floor Mats

Kia all-weather mats provide superior protection even under the harshest of conditions. Tailored perfectly to the floor carpet providing a premium look and feel.

Interior Front Footwell LED Lighting

White LED footwell lighting to greet you upon entry to your new Sportage for that extra Premium styling.

Dash Mat

Kia genuine dash mat reduces windscreen glare and interior heat absorption, all while protecting your new Kia’s dash from the harsh UV rays. Perfectly contoured and easily secured with Velcro tabs.

Front Mud Flaps Sets

Front Mud Flaps add style whilst providing protection from road debris.

Rear Mud Flaps Sets

Rear Mud Flaps add style whilst providing protection from road debris.

Pet Seat Cover

Kia Pet Seat Cover is made of durable canvas with a water-resistant backing. The covers were developed with pets in mind, and have limited loose material or fixings for your pet to chew on. There is a heavy duty velcro opening above the centre seat belt so that you can secure your pet using a pet seat belt.

The sides drop down, offering extra protection while making it easier for your pet to enter/exit the vehicle.

Windshield Sunscreens

The Kia Windshield Sunscreens are custom made to fit your vehicles specific contours.

Kia sunscreens not only help reduce the interior temperature when it’s hot outside, but they also protect the vehicle interior from damaging UV rays that are present all year long.

Roadside Assist Kit

Be prepared for emergencies when you’re out and about. The Kia Genuine Roadside Assist Kit is a must have for every car.

Cargo Organiser

Tough and sturdy cargo organiser allows for convenient storage. Velcro secures the organiser firmly to the carpet. Can also be folded away when not in use.

Bumper Protector - Pull Out

Black Neoprene pull out bumper protector that is secured by Velcro. Helps reduce unwanted marks on the rear bumper.

iPad Cradle - Rear Seat Entertainment

TV shows, movies, games – now your passengers can enjoy them all on the road and pass the time quicker on long journeys. Rotate and tilt for the best possible viewing experience.

Fits to iPad® 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 and iPad®Air 1 & 2. Charging feature and iPad® not included.

Laser Shades

Quick and easy to install, these laser shades extend further comfort and protection for occupants in the back seat on those warm, sunny days.

Slimline Door Visor Set (Smoke)

Tinted slimline weather shields. Sedate in design but high in functionality. Allows for extra fresh air whilst driving with the windows down when raining.

Side Steps - Integrated

Rugged yet stylish, these integrated side steps provide sill protection plus easy access when entering or leaving your new Sportage.

Headlight Protectors

Polycarbonate headlight protectors, profile cut to suit the aerodynamic shape of the headlamp. Aids in protecting & enhancing your new Kia.

Nose Cone Protector

Stylish and functional, polycarbonate guard developed to provide added protection to the front of your new Kia.

Nose Cone Smoked

Stylish and functional, polycarbonate guard developed to provide added protection to the front of your new Kia.

Moulded Cargo Liner

Stylish and functional, moulded cargo liners provide exceptional protection in the cargo area of your new Kia. All Kia Genuine Cargo Liners are moulded specifically for every Kia model providing maximum protection and a great look.

Cargo Barrier (Single Position)

Cargo barrier designed, tested and manufactured in Australia to suit ADRs and Australia Standards. Comes rear position standard.

Roof Cross Bars

Kia Genuine Roof Racks allow you to increase the carrying capability of your new Kia. The streamline design integrates perfectly with the roof line and is compatible with the full range of Kia genuine roof carrying accessories. All Kia Genuine Roof Racks are rigorously tested together with the vehicle to exceed Australian Standards.

Roof Carrying Capacity: 75kg (evenly distributed)

Roof Luggage Carrier

The Roof Luggage Carrier is the ideal travel companion when there is too much to carry! Featuring 150mm sides and the most tie-down points available on any cargo accessory, the roof luggage carrier is a large and secure storage solution for all your gear. Simple U-bolt fixings allow fast fit and removal.

Dimensions: 1402mm (L) x 1142mm (W) x 150mm (H).

Roof Bicycle Carrier (Fork Mount)

The fork mount bicycle carrier looks great and transports most bicycles safely and securely. The Bicycle Carrier features an adjustable fork mount to accommodate bicycles big and small with the front wheel removed. Mounting your bicycles on the roof allows access to the rear tail gate while freeing up precious space in the cargo area.

Roof Bicycle Carrier (Frame Mount)

The frame mount bicycle carrier looks great and transports most bicycles safely and securely. The Bicycle Carrier features an adjustable frame holder to accommodate bicycles big and small without the need to remove a wheel. Quick release straps which are adjustable for different wheel sizes hold the wheels securely whilst providing a quick and convenient way to release your bicycle. Easily fitted to either side of the roof.

Snow Ski Carrier

Securely mount up to 4 skis and up to 2 snowboards.

Water Craft Carrier

Go where you’ve never been before, or simply head down to the local river. The Water Craft Carrier when combined with Kia Genuine Roof Racks can transport your Kayak, safely and securely, wherever you want to go.

Roof Pod Carbonite 450L

450L Carbonite Skybox - Looks sharp whilst being practical, further extending the spaciousness of your new Kia.